In retrospect, a life passes by in a moment - then we are left to reflect on the events and the influence of those who shared themselves with us. The irregular rhythm of life's tempo is one of many wonders which differentiates creatures from a programed device. Chronography exhibits the ebb and flow, the unique pulse of a life which touches our own. (In remembrance of my mother and sister.)


Quetzalcoatl Gallery - Seattle, WA

A Book About Death Special Edition Book
published August 2012

Gary A. Bibb - Memento Mori #503 - featured on page 82.

"Momento Mori #503"
mixed media collage
©2011 Gary A. Bibb

Quetzalcoatl Gallery
3209 Beacon Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98144 USA

Exhibition Calendar: November 11 - December 10, 2011
Curated by Kathleen McHugh


Second Ave. Firehouse Gallery - Bay Shore, NY

"ABAD - The Ties That Bind"
©2011 Gary A. Bibb

The A Book About Death phenomenon, which spawned many international exhibitions, will now feature entries focused on the secondary theme - The Ties That Bind. A hand-bound book of the actual artworks will be compiled by the curator and donated to a major art museum archive (to be determined later). My entry is a compilation, a retrospective, of the original art I created for the various exhibits.

The Second Avenue Firehouse Gallery
17 Second Avenue, Bay Shore, New York 11706 USA

Exhibition Calendar: July 31, 2011 - September 2, 2011
Curator: LuAnn Palazzo


Willo North Gallery - Phoenix, AZ

A Book About Death - Memento Exhibition

"Memento Mori #502"
©2011 Gary A. Bibb

©2011 Gary A. Bibb

Willo North Gallery
2811 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Exhibition calendar: May 3 to 28, 2011
Curator: Patricia Sahertian


Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery - Clinton, SC

"Memento Mori - 62/500"

Additional new artwork:
"Risorgamento 2"
Found Object Collage w/ Mixed Media
©2011 Gary A. Bibb

A Book About Death: Life includes a complete set of artworks from the original NY exhibit plus new submissions created especially for this exhibition. The additional artworks will become archived in the art collection of the Presbyterian College

This exhibition is presented at the Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery -
Presbyterian College
Clinton, South Carolina (USA)

Exhibition Calendar: January 20 - February 25, 2011
Curator: Ann Stoddard


Belknap Mill Gallery - Laconia, NH

A new collection of artworks on the continuing A Book About Death theme will be exhibited at the historic Belknap Mill Gallery. Selected artworks from the original 2009 New York exhibition will also be included.

Exhibition Calendar: Oct. 15 - Nov. 1, 2010

"Vanitas #7"
Mixed Media
©2010 Gary A. Bibb


Ft. Worth Community Art Center - Ft. Worth, TX

1300 Gendy Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Exhibit Calendar: October 8 - 30, 2010
Curated by Cecil Touchon

A complete collection of the EHF Gallery NY "A Book About Death" will be exhibited courtesy of the Fluxmuseum permanent archive.


Additional Artwork:
"Vanitas #1 - #6"
Mixed Media
©2010 Gary A. Bibb


Long Island University - Brookville, NY

Ray Johnson and A Book About Death

The original A Book About Death by Ray Johnson (1955), the entire EHF Gallery NY collection of the new ABAD (2009) along with additional entries will be featured in this historical exhibit.

Long Island University
SAL Art Gallery
720 Northern Blvd.
Brookville, NY 11548

Exhibition Calendar: Nov 1 - Nov 5, 2010
Curators: Joan Harrison, LuAnn Palazzo, Constance Wolf
Online exhibit: rayjohnsonandabookaboutdeath.blogspot.com

Additional artwork:
"Memento Mori #501"
Mixed Media
©2010 Gary A. Bibb


RNG Gallery - Omaha, NE

A presentation of the original A Book About Death New York exhibit will be featured along with new artworks on the theme.

RNG Gallery
1915 Leavenworth Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102 USA

Exhibition Calendar: July 31 - Aug. 28, 2010
Curated by Viv Maudlin, Louise Millmann and Robert Gilmer
Online exhibit: abookaboutdeathomaha.blogspot.com

Additional artwork:
"T. C. #73"
Found Object Construction
©2010 Gary A. Bibb


Exit 11 Gallery - Belgium

Exit 11 Art Gallery

Château de Petit-Leez
Grand-Leez, Belgium

Exhibit Calendar: April 11 - June 27, 2010
Curator: Luc Fierens

Artworks from the original New York, NY - USA exhibit: A Book About Death were on loan from a private collector and installed at Exit 11 Art Gallery, near Brussels, Belgium for a special exhibition.

(Memento Mori number 77 was included.)


Luc Fieren's entry -
image: ©2009 Luc Fieren